Tuesday, February 22, 2011


i saw this http://redux.com/stream/item/1851052/Automatic-Ham-Boning-Robot-Mayekawa-HAMDAS-R-DigInfo video one time, ITs a ROBOT the de bones a ham in 30 seconds FLAT with half the man power needed! needless to say dannnggg!! and all i could think was "finally MOAR HAM"
then i thought more ham means cheaper ham!! THEN cheaper Ham means more Happiness!
cheap ham + cool robot = Happy Tanner
now time for a Ham sandwich! the dumbest thing ever to some is the coolest thing to me!
enjoy your new found knowledge about this ham robot!

Simile cause life is great you just have to look for it!!

Monday, February 21, 2011


Well, I realized about about a year ago I'm really really easily amused!
It may imply a small mind, I have a small head so that applies right?
      but really, the lamest things for some are the coolest for me!
example: Super Wal-Mart! well this one in Utah... It was WACK, I couldn't see where it really ended, like some how the earth curved before the store ended, preventing me from witnessing the whole store in one fell swoop! It had a McDonalds which was normal but then I smelled fried chicken?? yes Fried CHICKEN, not just chicken though but: fries, mac n cheese, orange chicken wally world style!
     Five minutes in and you think the awesome would stop there NO! this wal-mart has fish like all the rest but it was DOUBLE fish!! I saw enough dog food on the shelves to feed all the dogs in Utah at least twice!!  (banking on Utah having a lot of dogs)
     My favorite part? the Cereal isle, in my short life I had never witnessed such a glorious sight!
Like i had died and went to Gluttony heaven! so many brands... I think I am still in shock.
the only thing this place was missing was a roller coaster but I'm sure someone is workin' on that one!
That store wasn't even the best part of that day!!
     I just happend to be with the coolest people ever! all 24 hours on that day were just overflowing with awesome, words fail to describe the rest of that day at the moment.
Well, that is just one of my rants on how awesome I think Lame stuff is but its in America, so its got to be AMAZING!


AND Here is something off topic hahaha ^